Hiroshima Museum of Art


YOKOYAMA Taikan1868-1958

A Japanese-style painter of the Tokyo circle. He participated in the foundation of the Nihon Bijutsuin (Japan Visual Arts Academy), and promoted the advanced Japanese-style paintings with the new original technique ‘Moro-tai (painting without outlines)’.

Peregrine Falcon

1929 India ink on silk, frame 69.4*115.0 cm


Light in Spring (Sea of Leafage)

1946 India ink on paper, hanging scroll 69.2*101.0 cm


Pines and Cranes

color on gold-decorated paper, a pair of Six-fold screens 
left(SHIMOMURA Kanzan)174.0*369.0 cm 
right(YOKOYAMA Taikan)174.5*369.0 cm