Hiroshima Museum of Art


KANAYAMA Heizo1883-1964

A Western-style painter in the Taisho and the Showa periods of Japan. He was initially active in the Salon of Japan, after around 1935 he worked alone many landscapes in Tohoku District without belonging to any societies.

Coal Heavers in Suzhou, China

1924-32 oil on canvas  162.0*130.2 cm



1935-45 oil on canvas 44.5*37.2 cm


The Chikumagawa-River

1940 oil on canvas  40.6*60.6 cm


Ray and Blowfish

1945-56 oil on board  30.6*41.0 cm


Oishida Town in February

1956-60 oil on canvas 38.0*45.6cm