Hiroshima Museum of Art


CAMOY Rey1928-1985

A Western-style painter, called 'phenom' in Japan after the World War II. He painted people living in Paris and other cities in France or Spain with dark colors.

Drunkard in My Village

1973 oil on canvas  92.0*65.1 cm


Three Drunkards in My Village

c.1973 oil on canvas  30.0*89.0 cm


Wall in Spain

1976 oil on canvas  38.0*60.8 cm


Singing toward the Moon

1976 oil on canvas  92.0*65.5cm



1976 oil on canvas  162.0*130.3cm



1978 oil on canvas  162.0*97.0 cm


White Woman A

1980 oil on vanvas  79.0*64.0 cm