Hiroshima Museum of Art

Maurice de VLAMINCK

Maurice de VLAMINCK1876-1958

A French painter who was impressed with the first large exhibition of Van Gogh in Paris, 1901. Along with Derain and Matisse, he is considered one of the principal persons in the Fauvism. After 1920’s, he continued to respect Van Gogh, used intense touches and monochromic colors.

Vase of Flowers
Vase de fleurs

1935 oil on canvas 46.0*33.2 cm


Landscape with Trees
Paysage avec arbres

c.1950 oil on canvas  60.0*73.0 cm


Landscape in the Snow
Paysage dans la neige

after 1920 oil on canvas  88.8*114.2 cm


Village in the Snow
Hameau sous la neige

oil on canvas  59.7*73.0 cm