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Auguste RENOIR

Auguste RENOIR1841-1919

typical painter of the French Impressionists. He is known by having begun to doing the new technic for the Impressionists, Divided-Brush-Strokes, with Monet. And he founded the called Impressionist Exhibitions with Monet and Degas, etc.

The Trinité Plaza, Paris

The Trinité Plaza, Paris
Place de la Trinité, Paris

c.1875 oil on canvas 65.3*54.2 cm

The Branch at Croissy
Le Bras vif à Croissy

1911 oil on canvas  31.2*53.3 cm

Auguste RENOIR The Branch at Croissy
Auguste RENOIR Judgement of Paris

Judgement of Paris
Jugement de Pâris

c.1913-14 oil on canvas  73.0*92.5 cm

Woman with a Straw Hat
Femme au chapeau de paille

1915 oil on canvas  27.0*20.0 cm

Auguste RENOIR Woman with a Straw Hat
Auguste RENOIR Venus in Triumph

Venus in Triumph
Le Triomphe de Vénus

1913 bronze  59.5*32.5*24.5 cm

Study for Nude
Étude de nu

oil on canvas  32.2*42.2 cm

Auguste RENOIR Study for Nude