Hiroshima Museum of Art

Aristide MAILLOL

Aristide MAILLOL1861-1944

One of the most famous sculptors after Rodin, that is in modern sculpture. He created many sculptures with simple masses in contrast to Rodin’s dynamic and passionate ones. So he also influenced the development of the modern sculpture in the 20th century.


1918-28 bronze 174.0*55.0*40.0 cm


Lying Nude in Profile
Nu couché, profil

sanguine on carton  26.0*42.5 cm


Seated Full-faced Woman
Femme de face assise

1925 sanguine on carton  36.0*26.0 cm


Standing Nude in Profile
Nu debout de profil

1930 sanguine on carton  35.0*21.5 cm



1932 charcoal on carton 34.5*24.7 cm


Dina, Study for "The Air"
Dina, Étude pour "L'Air"

1938 pencil, charcoal, sanguine on carton  24.7*35.5 cm


Dina in Veil
Dina au voile

1940 sanguine, chalk, pencil on carton  36.0*23.0 cm


Dina at the Window
Dina à la fenêtre

1942 pastel on carton  27.0*37.0 cm


Dina in Pofile
Dina de profil

1942 pastel , charcoal on paper  44.0*29.0 cm