Hiroshima Museum of Art


Marc CHAGALL1887-1985

A Jewish painter from Belarus (‘Belarusian Jewish’), who was a typical artist of the École de Paris. He developed an original style, the dreamlike world with a rich color and a free idea, in the friendship with Léger, Modigliani, Soutine, and poets such as Cendrars and Apollinaire.

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View of Vitebsk
Vue de Vitebsk

1924-26 gouache on paper 50.8*66.1 cm


The Inspiration

1925-26 oil on canvas 55.0*38.0 cm


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My Grandmother
Ma grand-mère

1928 gouache on paper  63.3*48.4 cm


The Lovers with a Bouquet
Les Amoureux au bouquet

c.1930 gouache on paper  50.0*60.0 cm


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Près de la rivière

1973 oil on canvas  81.0*100.0 cm


Study for the Lithograph 'Homage to marc Chagall' in the Magazine "20th Century"
Étude pour la lithographie 'Homage à Marc Chagall' de la revue "XXème siècle"

1968 watercolor, pastel on paper  31.2*23.5 cm


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Red Donkey in the Bouquet
L'Ane rouge dans le bouquet

1980 watercolor, gouache on paper 66.0*49.0 cm



Scene of a Village in four Colors
Scène de village aux quatre couleurs

1982-83 oil on canvas 55.0*46.0 cm


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