REDON, Odilon1840~1916

Odilon REDON《Pégase, cheval sur le rocher》

Odilon REDON
《Pégase, cheval sur le rocher》
《Pegasus, the Horse on the Rock》

circa 1907-10 pastel, carton 80.7×65.0cm

At almost the same period as the Impressionists, a group of painters appeared who were concerned solely with the world of the imagination. They were known as the Symbolists, and their representative figure was Redon. His command of pastels as a material in his late years was such as to render colors almost glittering. In Greek mythology, Pegasus was a winged horse which played active roles in rescuing Andromeda and slaying the Chimera (a monster).

Odilon REDON《Les Fleurs dans un vase bleu》

Odilon REDON
《Les Fleurs dans un vase bleu》
《The Flowers in a Blue Vase》

circa 1912-14 pastel on carton 78.0×53.8cm

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